Danny and Harveen, Couple Shoot | Jan 2018

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http://www.chezlucas.fr/?rtywwew=site-de-rencontre-ile-maurice&2d2=bf     This is the story of two people who are madly & deeply in love with each other for almost a decade. Dnyaneshwar and Harveen are two very different people yet similar in their own beautiful way! I met … Continued

Shivansh and Varsha, Banaras

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here   Let me tell you the story of these two people who got married on Feb 8. This was an arranged affair and the guy Shivansh ‘sir’ met the girl Varsha only once before this shoot. The excitement of meeting … Continued

Nityanand and Shivani, Hyatt Regency | Mumbai

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buy Seroquel cash on delivery Nityanand and Shivani’s wedding was full of high-spirits and happiness all around. From the first time I met them to the last of the functions, this couple was super chill. I was so delighted to watch them over  living the … Continued

Shruti and Parimal, E-Shoot | Koti Resort, Shimla

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Smash day - Tecniche di Trading. arrondir fins de mois cambio valuta online Il lettore avrà, finalmente, la possibilità di accedere ai segreti dei più Shruti and Parimal’s engagement felt like a 3 day vacation cum family picnic. I started from Pune and met the bride’s complete family in Delhi. From there I boarded along with the ‘Shrivastavas’- it was an exclusive flight just for … Continued

Pralika and Afraaz | Pune, April 2017

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como ligar de vivo para vivo gratis Some marriages are more of a family get together where it’s difficult to identify who belongs to which team- Bride or Groom? For a photographer this is a sure delight where everyone’s so happy and there is so much going … Continued

Padma & Nils, Indian Wedding | Dec 2016, GOA

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http://mhs.se.loopiadns.com/project-category/mhs-mopedrally/?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments The French groom and our desi girl! 🙂 Nils and Padma. We have met in person a few times but little did I know about this lazy couple till I was invited for a pre wedding photo shoot! Usually brides … Continued

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