Hampi | Where Ancient Times Come Alive

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Visiting Hampi is like coming back to home. A home you never knew you had, but you feel it in your bones, in your heart. You feel it when you behold the unbelievably beautiful terrain for the first time. You feel it in the colors of Hampi; greens, oranges and browns. You feel it when you see the rice fields, the sea of sunflowers. You see it in the majesty of Virupaksha Temple, when you climb the 700 steps to Hanuman Mandir, in the mantapas of the Vittala Mandir. When you listen to Benjamin musing about his life. When you see the sun setting in the Tungabhadra and time itself stops. When you are standing on top of Hemkuta hills and the very lap of God is in front of you. When you look into the eyes of a stranger and smile because you see that he too is falling in love, just like you. You feel it in the remains of a great civilization. In the air which is still alive with history, with unknown stories of the past.

When you visit Hampi, you never come back, not really. You leave behind a piece of your soul.



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