Maunica and Chakri, Hyderabad

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Sakshi sums up the memories of her first telugu wedding-” ‘Grandeur’ ‘Respect for Rituals’ ‘Fun’- These words aptly sum up a Telugu wedding. One feature that I found both fun and distinct from or basic vedic wedding was the ‘Jilakarra-Bellamu’. The custom signifies that bride and groom are now together through life’s bitter and sweet times. The elegant kanjivarams, the sheen of gold jewelry and the mridangam in the background add beauty to the marigold decked mandapam.”

Vishakha reminisces her experience-” A couple of months ago when I accepted invitation to Tejas’s sister’s wedding , never did I think then it was more than just a 2 day affair of dressing up,eating amazing food telugu style, clicking photos and being part of your friend’s moment of happiness; a journey through a culture never seen and never experienced before. A Telugu Wedding!”


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