Padma and Nils, French Wedding | Dec 2016

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Bright morning, people in the pool, few in the beach, few at breakfast, sitting down with the bride and her friend Karan we spoke off the serenity of the sky and beach. This was the French wedding day! At 10, Brian is rushing through changing the set up! Padma is sipping on a beer already! Nils is running around wit Brian! Followed a late brunch. At 3 I saw Padma running around sticking name tags on the chairs, beautiful doilly paper with names on. Row one family, Row two close friends and so on. This was the only place where the families had been set apart the groom’s side to the bride’s side. This set up was absolutely breath taking from noon to evening. With the Blue Sky to smiley moon this was amazing. Around 5 in the evening, everyone is all formally dressed up walking around talking to the groom! Patricia the brides mother in law dressed in an elegant red gown! Nils looking casually formal we all wait for the bride to set her foot out of the tent! Around 6 started the music, Dasies of galaxy from the very famous Eels. And as I look around the bride walks out of her tent holding hands of her father with her Maid of honor Misa and a beautiful little  flower girl. Wow! Walking through the resorts sidewalk with palm trees blowing with the wind, the whole audience looking at the bride walking in with her father, Nils’s eyes full of love and emotions not setting his eyes off Padma. Just barely managing to walk with her dress on and her shoes the little tipsy bride walks through the ally with family on both side. I could hear Misa yelling Padma kick the dress and walk and apparently that is the the way if you have a long wedding a line gown. On one side stood the two best mans Remy and Clement and the other Misa! Hugh Riley the minister Nils’s boss at Ubisoft got them married. Reading out vows, reading the promises they make each other, talking about the people they are! the life they live, the love they share, the friends they have, and this one is a huge one, 70 people wedding with about 60 friends traveling from all over the world for this wedding! Japan, China, France, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nepal, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bhubanewar, Switzerland and I many more was where they came from. Remy’s speech was so touching that the groom was in tears, his wife Ju was the backbone of maintaining harmony throughout the wedding! his mother was the sunshine of the wedding, his cousin was the energy boosters, his father was the most chilled out man around, yes Remy came with his family 🙂 just realizing this made me realize how important he was to this wedding and Clement of course added a cherry on top! 🙂 Reciting a poem which made everyone cry, managing music for the event, his cool girlfriend Saskia with a didgeridoo at the barat, this guy had a whole different energy level, what speeches I must say! 🙂 and with everyone signing the wedding certificate and champagne pouring down started an Apero as the French call it. Followed was a wedding party and dinner that only pictures will speak off! 🙂

A wedding where the laziest couple I ever met were actually most organized in there head. Starting from organizing to execution they absolutely rocked it! A bunch of happy people! Friends who care like no other friends. Happy high people. This was an experience. This was like a huge family affair, only no one knew which side they belonged. Probably one of the coolest wedding I saw:) Happy I could be apart of it. A naturally happy bride, a groom so elegant, a family not knowing sides, just a wedding for the both. As they say! Padma Nils organize the best events and have the happiest people! Indeed it was. Thanks for the experience everyone.

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