Tejas and Dimple, Maharashtrian Wedding | Mumbai, June 2017

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This was one of those weddings where one friend of yours falls for another one and you behave like “I always knew this is going to happen”. Dimple, Tejas and I were part of the same project team at work, more than seniors they were my friends. Their journey from friends to life partners had bumps and speed breakers, it was never a cake walk. But stories like these tend to become more special and I feel more than happy to capture it for them.

We chose the less populated almost deserted Velas Beach for the pre-wedding scene.I did not miss any chance of leg-pulling while taking pictures which made all the sessions even more candid. Even Tejas and Dimple will agree the best part was the amazing home stay 😉 The venue for wedding was Mumbai which was followed by reception at Tejas’s native place.
Maharashtrian weddings are simple and less opulent unlike other weddings and this probably is their beauty. The rituals are not full of pomp and show but are sacred and vibrant .My favourite part was the one where the Antarpat which is a silk shawl is removed and the couple finally see each other and exchange garlands.
Being a part of Tejas and Dimple’s journey was endearing and I wish them a life time of good luck, togetherness!



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  1. Beautifully captured!

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