Nityanand and Shivani, Hyatt Regency | Mumbai

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Nityanand and Shivani’s wedding was full of high-spirits and happiness all around. From the first time I met them to the last of the functions, this couple was super chill. I was so delighted to watch them over  living the biggest day of their lives to the fullest, also because  happy pictures are always the best 😉I met  this family of pilots in Mumbai where we planned out all the events for this was a Marwari-Sindhi combination. The bride had a small Mehndi and haldi  ceremony with close friends and family while the groom’s side had a peaceful Gurugranth Sahib path ceremony. This was followed by a rip-clothes-apart ceremony (I named this :P) which was such a fun event to watch! The day of wedding arrived and this couple was gleaming, looking so amazing with their color coordinated dresses. The Pandit conducting the wedding ceremony was funny and the couple didn’t miss a chance of his leg-pulling. It was a very light-hearted, pure and no tension-drama anywhere.Let me tell you, the two of you have super-amazing set of teeth so keep smiling always 😉 My bestest wishes to both of you Nityanand-Shivani, keep rocking!Cheers to this new journey of yours!