Pralika and Afraaz | Pune, April 2017

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Some marriages are more of a family get together where it’s difficult to identify who belongs to which team- Bride or Groom?
For a photographer this is a sure delight where everyone’s so happy and there is so much going on around, this Pralika- Afraaz affair
was surely one of those!

I met the bride and groom in Pune to plan out the itinerary, for me they were a team since Day 1. Childhood friends cum neighbours so there was ease and understanding which were a bonus for me, “no need to tell them what to do, how to do to make the pictures look good”! I cannot agree more with Pralika’s mother when says she is very sorted and planned, all their ceremonies from haldi to reception were so so well organised. I was excited to be part of this wedding since it was my first experience to witness fusion of Marwari and Parsi traditions, my imagination had the colorful bandhni prints of marwari sarees and off white serene Sherwani worn Parsi dhikras!

Day 1 started off with simple haldi and mehendi ceremony at Pralika’s place which turned into holi with all her cousins,friends and relatives playing with haldi. Sangeet ceremony was such a treat for eyes, both their parents dancing in full enthusiasm and the amount of joy was visible on the faces. I have always liked the impromptu sangeets over the well choreographed dances or artists performing, I see no fun in systematic dance moves as they are best when they come out naturally 😉
Next day was the Indian marwari wedding with all the beautiful customs and traditions- kanyadaan, sindoor and pheras. This was followed by Parsi wedding and it was my first one and let me tell you I thoroughly enjoyed watching their joys and exchanging looks when the priest read out their vows, specially with the serious ones.The best part about friends getting married is lot of common friends, lot of leg pulling and never ending fun. This reception was so amazing, their friends spilling out their secrets, both of them giggling and shying. Their friends and family literally danced till they dropped!

Just like the priest said “two very beautiful and good people decided to spend the rest of their life together, may you get an eternity of happiness”, I want to congratulate the two of you and wish this team of you two keeps getting better and better.
Out of all the pictures my favourite is the one where you both are racing against each other, may the child in the two of you never dies.
Thank you for making me part of your best day P+A!