Top 7 things that may disappoint a professional photographer

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Photography is my passion. As you may already know, I started to take pictures at a very young age. In my childhood, I used to live in a very beautiful place. Natural landscapes there inspired me for the rest of my life. Surely, after such a childhood, I decided that one day I will become a photographer. During my life, I tried many things, including my first entrepreneurial experience under the brand name PB Photography. In your life, you should never focus only on one thing. You see, during your life, your preferences may change significantly. Thus, what was your favorite job a year ago, today may seem like a terrible burden.

During my career as a photographer, I faced many complications. Sometimes, even in fields where I have never expected to have any problems. However, our people surprise me more than anything else. You see, photographers must know how to communicate with people. After all, it requires you to interact a lot with different people. Especially if you want to work with weddings, and arrange photoshoots for couples. We all are different, and we all have different expectations from photographers. For this very reason, I always discuss even the smallest details with my customers before we arrange photoshoots for them. Today, I would like to share with you Top 7 things that may disappoint a professional photographer.

  1. When customers don’t share links

Remarkably often, this happens with Instagram influencers and other popular people. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t envy, and don’t want to push people to anything. But, come one, it’s a shame when the participants in the shooting share photos on social networks without specifying links to the team. Especially when they mention that they enjoyed working with this or that photographer, but still, for some reason, they don’t share any links to his or her account. This helps both a model and a photographer to raise the quality of their work and contact.

  • When people believe in “professional hardware”

You can’t even imagine how many people believe that a professional camera automatically turns its owners into professional photographers. According to them, a good camera can make everyone a professional photographer. It would be perfect if this myth at least somehow corresponded to reality. Surely, in this case, I would lose my job. However, I would be happy to see truly nice pictures that people shot with their own hands. However, among uploaded on websites and various social media accounts pictures, you very rarely can find something truly interesting. Unfortunately, this is not true. In simple words, you can spend thousands on buying pots and other kitchen assessorials, but they won’t turn you into a chef.

  • Always share your opinion with a photographer

When you want to work with a professional photographer, it is crucial to share your opinion with him or her. You see, even though they are good at their job, they are no wizards. Thus, they can’t read your mind. If you don’t like some surrounding, poses, or anything else in your photoshoot, you immediately must tell this to your photographer. Don’t worry, if do everything right, you won’t insult them. Their job is to make sure that you are happy with the final result of their efforts. Therefore, they will gladly consult with you to make sure that all your needs are satisfied.

  • When people don’t prepare for their photoshoots

Of course, people always prepared when it comes to wedding ceremonies. But, when we have to arrange a thematic photoshoot, it is very annoying when all our team works hard for days to make everything perfect, and people come to photoshoot unprepared. For example, one girl somehow “forgot” to wash her hair before the photoshoot. She was absolutely sure that we would fix everything in Photoshop. Dear customers, Photoshop is a great tool, but it can’t fix everything. Please, respect yourself and respect the work that photographers and their teams do for you. Make sure that you are fully ready for your photoshoots.

  • When people don’t let photographers do their jobs

Especially often, this happens when we have to shoot wedding ceremonies. As I have said before, a photographer can only do his or her job if they have at least some amount of freedom and control. Sure, a photographer won’t make you stop the wedding ceremony in order to take nice pictures of you. Therefore, you also should never try to control your photographer too much. Discuss every smallest detail with him or her before the main event, and during the event, let them do their job. Thus, both parties will be satisfied and will get what they want.

  • When customers demand final results too soon

Dear customers, we know that you want to update your social media accounts to share your news with your subscribers or want to update your profiles on your favorite website with girls for a dating chat, but please, be patient. You see, our work doesn’t stop with the event. Nowadays, sending raw photos to customers is terribly bad taste. Thus, we need to work on them in Photoshop to make everything look perfect. As you have guessed, this is a very time-consuming task. Therefore, if we agreed that we would send your pictures in a week, there is no way how we can do it earlier.

  • When people are rude

A photographer and his or her team are representatives of the service industry. We work to make you happy. However, this doesn’t mean that people should be rude or disrespectful to photographers. Surely, we don’t have millions of subscribers on our social network accounts, and we don’t consider being influentials, but we are still people. Thus, if your photographer asked you to call him or her with their name, please avoid using “Hey you,” “Hey boy/girl,” “Come here quickly,” and so on. This is not only very disrespectful but also very annoying.

As you can see, there are many pitfalls in our profession. However, those don’t mean that both parties can’t enjoy photo shoots. I believe that the most important thing is to be an honest and open person. Everything can be solved if people are ready to listen to each other.